Friday, March 28, 2008

Birthday Blessings

I have the best family and friends ever! They know me so well and got me exactly what I love best for my birthday -- phone calls, hugs, emails, cards and gifts that are so "me" . . .candles, hand crafted soaps, and pretty jewelry. See, Mom, I'm wearing the pendant you bought me. It's so pretty!

I've taken cue from Jeanne and now announce my birthday to everyone who can hear me. I'm not quite at the wearing a tiara all day point, but now I let everyone know it's my special day.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Missing Wedding Pics

Just found some wedding pictures taken by the Carrolls. So much fun. Shonda and Tom Carroll (and Zac and McKenzie, of course) are dear friends. Shonda and I were soul mates from the beginning -- when we first met 25 YEARS ago! Love these photos of the wedding and the Carrolls.

Happy Springster Day

Wow! Will it ever end, this season of celebrating? I hope not. The last couple of weeks has been a string of celebrations. We started with Darryl's birthday, welcomed Spring in all her soppy sweetness, celebrated Easter and now my birthday . . .which is an ongoing event!

The Carroll Family made their annual Easter pilgrimage to see us -- this time bringing four additional family members -- their oldest son, Nick, and his wife and two boys. We had a four night whirlwind visit! Kate was able to stay and visit two nights and then dashed out of town for a week at the beach with Katie and her family.

On Friday, the Carroll clan took Darryl and I to Medieval Times to celebrate our birthdays. It was quite an experience -- we watched knights joust for the love of the princess as we ate baked chicken and ribs with our hands and yelled raucous cheers of encouragement to the Green Knight.

On Saturday, we bought eggs to dye and put a serious dent into Target's Easter section. The lady in line behind us asked if we were buying candy for our church! We dyed eggs and watched The Matrix while the more intellectual of the group played a rousing game of Risk.

After the Carrolls left on Sunday, Darryl, David and I headed to our friends, the Bowcuts, for a wild easter egg hunt and delicious dinner.

My birthday celebration started with a lunch on Tuesday with John Porter -- a long time friend. At book club on Tuesday, the ladies surprised me with a lovely birthday cake. Today, I had lunch with my other John (that sounds bad), and tonight I went out for Indian food with my friends Alison and Karen.

The festivities will continue tomorrow! I've taken the day off work and plan on playing until my two handsome men - Darryl and David - take me to dinner. I'll wait on dessert until Kate gets home at 9:30 or so. Party on, friends. Party on.

Friday, March 14, 2008


Here's a conversation I heard on the metro today. I was sitting in front of two females:

"She pregnant."

"Who with?"


"Coco? I done him once but I'se on a break wit my guy. It don't count if you on a break do it?"

"Yeah it do 'cause you got the strings and all."

"Ah, we ain't got strings. Maybe thread. No a piece a hair."

"He got a new girl now. She ugly as sh*#, too. Talks Spanish all the time"

"Umm, umm."

When the train stopped and I got up to disembark, I looked back to see who I was eavesdropping on -- two cute girls, probably 13 or so. My have things have done changed since I'se a youngun!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Irritable, Restless and Discontent

That's me, baby! I am ridiculously grumpy and mean lately. I don't know how anyone around me can stand me -- I can't stand me. I am irritated at every single meeting I go to. I'm annoyed by all the people on the subway. When someone talks, I hear, "blah, blah, blah." I about died in a meeting the other night. I just kept thinking, "Shut up! Shut up. Can't you stop talking? Oh, no. Do we really need to hear this again!? Get me out of here -- fast!"

Does that sound at all normal? No! I'm a total freak. My family is going to banish me from the house soon. I'd probably be out already except that I do provide laundry, taxi, and chef services.

Even my escapes to Europe (via my travel DVDs) aren't enough. Lately, when I watch them I just think, "Darn! Why can't I be in France eating a fresh crepe? Why can't I be strolling through Belgium eating some of those delicious twice-cooked Flemish fries? Why can't I be sauntering through a medieval castle along the Rhine in Germany?" And on and on my trippy mind goes for 45 minutes with this ridiculous "poor me" self talk.

So, what's the deal? I don't know. It could be that awkward time before spring; it could be worrying about finances; it could be me stressing out over my kids' future. Or . . .hum . . it could be this ridiculous "calorie counter" website I'm now addicted to where you record every single thing you eat and it grades you. Seriously. It does. I was a freaky perfectionist student all through school and now I'm a 47 year old woman who has to get an A on my calorie counter website every day. I feel like a freaking field grazing goat!

I need to get me some tiramisu!!!

Happy Birthday, Darryl!

Darryl turned 46 on Monday. For 17 glorious days, we're the same age! The kids and I took him out (well, he paid) to dinner at his favorite place -- the Outback. Darryl complained that I always gave him clothes for his birthday so this year, we decided to get him TOYS! I got him two games for his XBox 360; David got him the first season of Psyche on DVD; and Kate got him a big bag of candy. He loved it all. I tried to get him to go to Platos for Tiramisu for dessert, but he didn't want to. So . . .Plan B kicked into action -- chocolate dipped strawberries. Thanks, Joni, for introducing me to such decadent yumminess. We need more birthdays and fewer diets in this world!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Today a crocus winked at me, a forsythia waved at me, and a crowd of pansies nodded an acknowledgment as I walked by. It's spring! Well, at least Spring has poked her head around the corner to let Winter know she's on her way.

The day was warm and breezy and gentle showers fell this evening. I opened the windows upstairs, drove with the car windows unrolled, and had a craving to clean and declutter.

We all went out for dinner at Platos (even David). We talked and laughed with a new lightness and energy. When we got home, I said, "Who wants to go on a walk!?" "Hah", said David. "I do, but I have too much homework", said Kate. "It's 9 o'clock", said Darryl. "Okay", I said as I practically bounced out the door.

Ah, glorious spring air. I could not understand why every single person in the neighborhood was not outside basking in the wonder of the gentle weather. I could not stop filling up my lungs with the fresh air, tinged with that new-life smell that's impossible to describe (but everyone knows what it is).

I walked until Spring's rains gently soaked my face in dewy kisses. I did not want to go inside. The caressing breeze, the smell of spring, the gentle sound of wind chimes ringing from neighbors porches.

It may turn blustery tomorrow and we still have some cold days ahead, but today Spring made herself known and put Winter on notice! I simply could not bear to live in a place bereft of the change of seasons. Though February's long days can drain me within an inch of sanity, I soon forget the misery the instant Spring brings her bouquet of renewal, warmth and new life.