Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mother Love

I just woke up from a crazy, crazy dream. I was rushing through my church – late for sacrament meeting. I was looking for the bathroom but chanced to go into a room that was crowded with the women of the church. Curious about what was going on, I took a chair in the back row. There was an air of anticipation. Suddenly another woman bustled into the room and there was commotion. She was clearly distressed that she was late, and she apologized. One of the other women said, “Don’t worry. We didn’t even think you’d be alive.”

The woman who was late said, I didn’t think I would either. No one did. Let me tell you what happened.” She had a big bandage wrapped around her head and face, and I intuitively knew that a big part of her face was missing – hollowed out. She proceeded to tell her story:

“None of the doctors or church members could help me here. I went to another place where they have the buddy system. God was first in line to talk to me but I yelled, ‘no! my twins want to talk now. You'll have to wait.” As she spoke these words, she started to unwrap the bandage and her face was not just completely healed, but radiant – more beautiful than ever. She was healed. She would live.

I was suddenly overwhelmed with the sense of the power of love between mothers and their children. The mom put God on hold because her little twins wanted to talk first, and the twins, through their pleadings to God (this was not a dream where events were linear), were able to heal their mom when no one else could.

I woke up a few minutes ago sobbing. I’m not really sure why, but that dreamed moved me and filled me with a strange sense of something. I think we may take our Mother Love for granted sometimes – the power of it, I mean. It is fierce and nothing -- absolutely nothing -- comes first (not even God in this dream).

And I’ve never really thought about the power of the love that a child has for her parents. The pleas of the woman’s twins saved her – it restored her very flesh and blood, which was somehow eaten away. She lived because of the intervention, pleas and faith of her children.

As moms, we are remarkable people with a love for our children that is something to be reckoned with. But we should never forget the power of Child Love. It can save lives.

Friday, September 11, 2009

A Full Nest; a Bursting Heart

Just for today, my nest is full. And it feels good. Well, honestly, I've hardly had any time to pay attention to my nest. I've barely seen my nest, in fact. I have been busy helping other people with their nests and am enjoying a flurry of meetings, outings, errands, quick phone calls, hurried hugs, texts and emails, belly laughter, and a few tears. I am saying "yes" to life. At least for today.

What I've learned: our life is exactly what we create. We choose. We can have just as much happiness as we're willing to embrace. We can chose to isolate and feel sorry for ourselves, or we can reach out and find fellow souls who yearn for connection, friendship, good works. I am blessed beyond belief with the people who have wandered, stumbled (literally), swooshed, or barged into my life. I have learned from them all and have loved nearly all of them. I have seen myself and others with kinder eyes.

I've been doubly blessed by the little people who are part of my life for two hours every Sunday. There's nothing like the enthusiasm, raw energy and curiosity of children. They are amazing teachers.

I am blown away by the strength of my family, with my parents forming a rock solid foundation of faith, gratitude, and unconditional love. My sisters sandwich me in love and good humor. My children keep me on my toes (and on my knees). And Darryl. What can I say? He is the glue that holds me together. Sprinkle all that with the amazing wonderfulness of my nieces, nephews, and bros-in-law, and you have a big, squishy cocoon of security and solace.

So, I am on a pink cloud. Just for today. I never would have imagined writing this a week ago. Indeed, I was in a dark place that I didn't think I could crawl out of. But it is amazing what prayer, exercising faith (I say "exercise" because it doesn't come naturally for me), and asking for help can do. My heart is bursting with gratitude. Just for today.