Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Taking a Break

Time to take a break from writing. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with much joy, love and adventure!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cookies, Anyone?

A cookie-lover's dream -- Emily, Pam and Leah's annual cookie exchange! Each person (and there were over 20) brings six dozen of her favorite cookies and after a wonderful lunch, we each get a tin, line up, and start taking cookies from each pile. Oh, there were delicious cookies! Lots of chocolate ones this year, along with hazelnut filled chocolate cookies, peanut butter bars, molasses crinkles, white chocolate pumpkin, Linzers, and snickerdoodles! I was too full from lunch to try any of the cookies.

Today I fasted and once I got home from church and Kate's concert, I was starving! I dashed to the kitchen to sink my teeth into an assortment of delicious cookies, but what to my disheartened eyes did appear but three tupperware dishes filled with bits and pieces of what used to be cookies! My cookies were clearly violated!!

Now, I'm guilty of biting into chocolates to see what's inside, but really? Taking a bite out of a cookie? Can't you sort of get the hang of it by just looking at it? Can't you see that it has nuts in it? Can't you tell it's made of chocolate? That it looks like a gingersnap?

Well, disheartened and disappointed -- but not totally discouraged -- I grabbed the tupperware filled with cookie pieces and a Diet Coke and sprawled on the couch and ate bits of 2o different kinds of cookies.

My Favorite Nativity Depiction

Ahh, it's all there -- the true story of the night of Jesus' birth. I imagine this is between the visit from the shepards and the wise men.

You see throngs, and I do mean throngs, of angels absolutely crowding each other, pushing, yearning to see a glimpse of Jesus, stretching and leaning. There are dozens of them -- all ages and races and sexes. Can't you just imagine their comments, "Oh, I do think he has Mary's eyes." "He's so much smaller and sweeter than I thought the Savior would look like." Well, I know Joseph's not the real father, but there is some similarity, don't you think?" "Oh, just look at those eyes, will you?" "And what about his tiny hands... and his dark hair." " I'm sure Mary is so proud." "Oh, I think she just be overwhelmed and exhausted. She's had all those strange visitors all night long -- and those animals." "The baby has sure been a good little thing. You know, pretty quiet through all the commotion." " If some angels would just take a look and then move on, we could all take a look at the baby." "He's so fragile and tiny that it's hard to believe he'll have to save all humankind."

And then you'll notice Joseph. Does he look happy? No. He looks like he's about to lose it! "Okay, God, you told me about this woman and that I'd need to accept her, love her and trust her 'cause she's on your side, but did she have to bring all these people? How did they find our little manger (cave) so fast? I think the singing and harp playing and 'ooohs' and 'aaahhs' are giving me a headache."

And Mary. She just looks really worn out and pensive. -- most likely thinking of her huge responsibilities in raising this young God. She's a first time mother. she's a new wife, a woman of very limited experience and she is so crazy in love with this little, innocent, perfect creature who has finally been born, suckled, cried a bit, burped and fallen asleep.

And of course -- and this is the sweetest part of all -- Mary's best friends are there! They were probably in Bethlehem paying their taxes, too. And when they finally found Mary and Joseph in the manger, they said, "We've been looking all over for you! We just knew tonight was the night. We felt it in our bones." How perfect. Best friends know how to make you feel good. They know the right words, they bring the right food and drink. They know when you need a break from a kid, or a nap, or a or just a good long massage. They're there to give her moral support and tell her what a great mom is and not to worry -- there will always be people in the family who will be here to help. Good thing, too, because it looks like Joseph needs to pull his act together and nab some buddies to come help him celebrate. And of course there's the dog (and her pups). The faithful canine who will stay with the holy family and love them to pieces no matter what crazy things they may do.